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Hello, happy to see that you stumbled on my page!

My name is Doris, I was born and raised in Lake City, MN. Growing up in Lake City was a dream come true with always being close to the water. However, these past few years I lived in Winona, MN while attending Winona State University to obtain my bachelor’s in finance and minor in economics, graduating with an academic outstanding finance graduate award. With this background of knowledge, I was set to follow my passion for Real Estate. Before obtaining my license, I have worked within the Financial Aid Office at WSU helping the students get situated and I worked at IBM as a financial analyst.

Why is Real Estate one of my many passions? Real Estate not only lets me pursue my degree, but also allows me to be with clients and make a difference.  My passion grew by being around my mother-in-law, Diane Schurhammer. Seeing her help her clients and running her brokerage was a big indicator of wanting to pursue this field with Schurhammer Real Estate! On top of everything my finance degree becomes beneficial to those individuals looking to buy/rent homes by giving them an understanding of different concepts that might come up in every real-world scenario.

A little bit more about myself! My family is originally from Croatia. With that being a big part of my life, I am bi-lingual. Lake City has always welcomed my family with open arms, and I know it will do the same for you! In my free time, I love spending time cooking with my mom, chatting with my sister, going on some fun motorcycle rides with my dad, and golfing with my Fiancé, Parker! My family doesn’t stop there, my niece and nephew are a big part of me as well. Seeing them grow up in Lake City just like I did fills my heart!

I am excited about this new journey at Schurhammer Real Estate and can’t wait to meet you!