Lake City, MN is a small town brimming with beautiful landscapes, public water access, recreational activities, vibrant downtown & so much more. The laid-back community along with educational & professional opportunities makes this town the perfect place to raise a family, begin the home-owning experience or retire in a quiet neighborhood. No matter where in the community Lake City residents call home, they are only a short distance from restaurants, local shops & convenience stores. Check out more Lake City community information below.

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Lake City and the Surrounding Area

Lake City Photographer - Cory

Hi, my name is Cory Dick, and I am originally from Lake City, Minnesota. I currently reside in Arcata, California where I am attending Humboldt State University and am working on receiving my Master’s in Fisheries Science. Calling Lake City my hometown is an absolute privilege because of its generous community and tremendous scenery. Growing up in the heart of the Mississippi River Valley shaped both my career focus and nature photography goals due to the unique environmental features, academic opportunities, and stunning wildlife. I have been lucky enough to showcase some of my hometown shots here but would love for you to browse my full website at at your leisure. Remember to check back here frequently for updated offers and to view the gorgeous seasonal changes taking place in Lake City!

Photography by Cory Dick

Lake City and the Surrounding Area