Are you preparing to sell your property? Wanting to know how much your property is worth? Take these home selling process steps to ensure you get the best price for your property!

Prepare your property for sale!

Start preparing to sell your property whether it is a home or land. Make your property more presentable by starting the cleaning, decluttering and clearing process! Make sure that your property is easy to view – clear pathways or walkways. Less is definitely more when you are looking to sell – remove unnecessary items from view and to make spaces look organized and clean!

Invite your favorite agent from Schurhammer Real Estate, LLC over for a Comparative Market Analysis!

Call our company to visit your property for a short interview in order to take notes, meet with you and talk about the process of selling! Show us all the improvements you have done since purchasing and any other details that will help us in the evaluation process!

Agent follow-up!

Give your agent a few days to gather market and tax information in order to research your property! At Schurhammer Real Estate, we pull in all active and recently sold comparable properties in order to show you the current state of the local market and what price your property could be successfully marketed at!

Listing appointment!

Once you have determined the agency to work with and price to market your property at, you are all ready to list! Invite your selected agent out to your property to go over all the appropriate documents in order to get the sale of your property under way!

Work with your agent to get property sold!

Keep your property clean and well-maintained during your listing period! Do any small repairs that are needed and minor improvements in order to sell in a timely fashion. If you have questions whether to do the improvement or not, talk to your agent for advice! We are here to help you! Make property as available to show as possible.

These steps will help aid your agent in the process of getting your property sold! Contact Schurhammer Real Estate, LLC for more tips and to assist you in your sale!